Blanc Mose

This kind of white, dry, fruity
and full-bodied wine, obtained from
Moscato grape, with a dry but pleasant
taste, rich of enjoyable and
unexpected sensations, used to be
produced long time ago in small
quantities, on our Langa hills.
Today, we have experimented new
vinification technologies that exalt
even more its scents and flavors and
that allow us to obtain a fresh,
balanced, enjoyable and extremely
long-lived wine.

BRA Metodo Classico Brut

Quality Sparkling Wine
The quality of this product originates first in
the vineyard and then through meticulous
cellar processing of the base must-wine
with new technologies that enhance
the varietal aromas, maintaining a
pleasant balance, especially on the
palate, with delightful and significant
sensations of fullness and savoriness,
accompanied by a subtle aromatic note.

Alta Langa DOCG Brut

A difficult choice that gave awesome results.
The high hills of Langa, with their siliceous and
chalky soils, give extraordinary Pinot Nero
grapes that make the ALTA LANGA DOCG
wine unique for its freshness and typicalness,
even after many years of maturation.
Fine and elegant, it perfectly combines its
mature sparkling wine characteristics
with yeast and bread crust scents, with
fresh and enjoyable fruity aromas that
range from vanilla, to acacia honey,
and to dried fruits.
A delicate liqueur d’expédition
harmonizes softness and acidity
flavors, also giving unique and elegant
All flavors are harmoniously blended
in the enjoyable fizz of a fine and
persistent perlage.